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spring pest prevention bug masters little rock ar

Bugs are everywhere, but no one wants to see any inside their house. Besides being creepy, usually where there is one, there are many more to follow. But which bugs should you be watching for specifically around this time of year? What should you be looking for to know if they’re a problem in your home? Our last blog post briefed you on preventative steps you could take during the transition to spring (i.e., fixing any cracks in windows, searching for nests/hives etc.). This post is going to walk you through which bugs to keep your eyes peeled for this spring, how to identify them, and some simple things you can do in your kitchen and bedroom to avoid them.

Common spring pests

1.) No one is safe from TERMITES. Any home is at high risk of a termite problem, especially around this time of year. With their ability to nest and reproduce, there are all sorts of nooks and crannies that they could swarm in or around, which increases the probability of infestation. Look out for swarms as they indicate reproduction. If you see a mass group of termites in or around your home then you need to call us promptly. Once they start they will increase in number at an exponential rate and can seriously harm your home. You should also keep your eye out for any mud tubes, displaced soil, or piles of wings.

2.) Most of us have experienced an ANT problem before. Ants are very common and sometimes tough to avoid since there are over 700 different species. Like termites, ants are a high-risk insect do to the sheer number of their colonies. It’s important to be aware of the source of the infestation. Where are they coming from? Have they colonized inside the house, or are they coming and going? If you get rid of the source, you get rid of the colony. It’s important to keep any/all fruits, wines, and sodas properly stored as they are attracted to sweet liquids. Also, be sure to rinse your bottles and cans before you recycle.

3.) The average lifespan of a HOUSE FLY is two weeks. That may not sound like much, but for these aggravating and incredibly gnarly insects that carry disease-causing bacteria and pathogens, two weeks is too long. House flies, too, are attracted to liquids (particularly standing water). It’s important to avoid any standing liquids in your home as it facilitates breeding. Also, identify the source and check for any cracks or holes in your window screens to make sure they’re not getting in from outside.

Kitchen tips

Pet foods are a definite attraction for any and all of the above pests. Try your best to keep all bowls (including water bowls) clean and off of the ground. This helps to keep your pets on a regular eating schedule so you don’t have to worry about leaving food out all day.

As far as people food, keep anything sweet (like honey, for example) in a ziplock baggie. This will aid in sealing in any scents that attract pests as well as ensuring there isn’t an access point. Aside from that, you should check for any leaks under your sink, keep crumbs from building up on your floors/countertops, and wipe down the surface of any condiment bottles after use.

Bedroom tips

Any/all of the above tips can also apply to your bedroom depending on how you use it. For most people, it’s helpful to look over any baggage that leaves and enters your room regularly, like luggage, purses, and gym bags. If you find any insect casings or pest droppings, they will likely lead you to the bugs themselves. These critters look at your baggage as a free ticket into a warm and cozy home, so be sure to empty any luggage as soon as you get home. You might even take a vacuum to it, even if you don’t see anything. Then wash your clothes, of course!

Take action

Hopefully these simple day-to-day tips can help you to kick back and enjoy your spring bug-free. If you stumble across ANY indication that any or all of these insects could be a problem, call us! It’s important to catch pest problems in their infancy, and we would be happy to help. Make an appointment for an inspection today!