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summer bug repellant tips arkansas pest control

It’s that time of year! It’s refreshing to be able to get out from under your roof after what seems like an eternity of winter hibernation to enjoy a barbecue, go camping, jump in a pool, or get some lawn work done. But, we all know that like with anything else there are also a few downsides that come along with the summer temperatures and sunshine…like bugs. Included in this post are some preventative measures you can take as well as repellent advice that will shield you from letting bugs ruin your summer activities.

The best way to avoid bug bites is to never even come into contact with bugs in the first place. While it may be the best way, it certainly isn’t the easiest! So, here some ways to avoid them:

1.) It’s always best to wear cotton. This will allow you to stay cool in the sun but still create a bit of a shield.
2.) Be sure to search the outside of your home for any pools of standing water; this is where mosquitoes like to breed.
3.) If you can, avoid being outside around dusk or dawn. This is when most bugs are most active. If you need to go out, then we suggest that you wear pants, a long-sleeve shirt, socks and maybe a hat of some kind.
4.) Thicker swarms, just like around standing water, are found around dense shrubbery.
5.) Bat houses are becoming more and more popular. Bats are known for “cleaning house” when it comes to mosquitoes.
6.) Box fans, believe it or not, may be all you need for two reasons: 1. They help to kick around and disperse the carbon dioxide from your exhaling, which is one of the main things mosquitoes are attracted to. 2. By using a fan you are keeping yourself cool which cuts down on sweat, body heat and lactic acids (which is another huge component of bug attraction).

It’s important for everyone to know to try to avoid deet at all costs. It’s a harmful concoction that’s been known to cause involuntary muscle spasms, headaches, nausea, weakness and fatigue. The solution is so dense that you are keeping your skin from breathing properly. Easy and organic alternatives include:

1.) Cinnamon oil (known to perform better than deet)
2.) Create your own solution! Use citronella oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil and vanillin (all are organic plant extracts)
3.) Studies have shown that consuming garlic often times can help to keep ticks away as well as mosquitoes.
4.) Some people prefer mixtures that contain water, vegetable glycerine, rosemary, clove, cajeput, lavender, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

We are hoping that these tips can help you to really enjoy your summer months the way that you deserve. So, invite your friends over for 4th of July, take the kids to the pool, mow your lawn or barbecue in peace! Be sure to call Bug Masters if your pest problems are beyond anything that we listed above could help to prevent. That’s what we’re here for!