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Which Bugs to Expect in High Humidity

We all know that weather conditions directly affect both the kinds of bugs that you are going to see and the volume. When it rains, when it snows, when it’s hot and dry, or when it’s chilly; they all deliver a different set of pests. So what sorts of pests can you expect when it’s muggy? Between June and early September, our neck of the woods is notorious for its high humidity levels; all the more reason to be sure that you stay informed about which bugs will pester you and how you might be able to prevent or treat them all on your own! (more…)

Tips for Pesky Summer Bug Prevention

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It’s that time of year! It’s refreshing to be able to get out from under your roof after what seems like an eternity of winter hibernation to enjoy a barbecue, go camping, jump in a pool, or get some lawn work done. But, we all know that like with anything else there are also a few downsides that come along with the summer temperatures and sunshine…like bugs. (more…)

Which Spring Pests Should You be on the Lookout For?

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Bugs are everywhere, but no one wants to see any inside their house. Besides being creepy, usually where there is one, there are many more to follow. But which bugs should you be watching for specifically around this time of year? What should you be looking for to know if they’re a problem in your home? (more…)

Spring Pest Prevention Tips to Help You Transition from Winter

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It’s the time of year to start thinking about how you can help to eliminate any and all of the creepy crawlies that are known to seek shelter inside your home: spiders, ants, wasps, fleas, ticks, and any number of pantry pests. As the temperature increases, so does the bug count. The more bugs, the higher the likelihood of their infestation of your home. (more…)

Top Winter Pests

As the winter months begin closing in, pests are making their way toward our homes. Just as we like to settle down in our houses for the winter ahead, sooner than later pests will start trying taking up residence their too. Two offenders that are on top of everyone’s list this coming winter are ladybugs and stinkbugs.


How To Winterize Your Home From Pests

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As the thermometer begins to drop, the pests will begin to make their way toward your home. Each day as the temperatures dip lower and lower, the hoard of pests inch closer and closer to the beacon of warmth your home provides. With that being said, we thought we could share a few pest control tips on how to winterize your home so that outdoor pests don’t call it theirs.


Bedbug Sightings & How To Prevent Them

Bedbugs can be found all over the country, but recently they have made a noticeable appearance in the northeast. These pests have been spotted in 34 Naval Academy dorms and forced the Midshipmen out of their rooms for 3-4 weeks. Additionally, the epidemic of bedbugs has grown so much that they have been spotted riding the rails of the New York City Subway system. Patrons have noticed bedbugs on trains and have even experienced their bite too. Bedbugs are also an issue when traveling, so make sure to protect yourself when you’re away and when you return home. Here a few tips for preventing bedbugs:


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