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Winter Pests

As the winter months begin closing in, pests are making their way toward our homes. Just as we like to settle down in our houses for the winter ahead, sooner than later pests will start trying taking up residence their too. Two offenders that are on top of everyone’s list this coming winter are ladybugs and stinkbugs.

Let’s first start with ladybugs. Those cute little guys are great for the garden, but do you really want an entire colony of ladybugs hibernating in your home? Probably not.

When searching for  a winter home, ladybugs are especially drawn to older, light colored houses that radiate heat. If you start to notice a few ladybugs in your home it’s best for you to get rid of them as soon as possible and try not to kill them. The reason for this is that ladybugs communicate via pheromones which are carried in their blood. These pheromones can attract ladybugs up to a 1/4 mile away. Once a scent has been picked up, these pests know that your house is perfect vacation to spot to spend the winter. So do your best to stop the gathering before it starts. Seal up all cracks or openings that the ladybugs could get into and if that doesn’t work call a professional to take care them once and for all.

Next on the list are stinkbugs. These pests will start making their way toward your home near the end of fall and can be quite disruptive. The good part about stinkbugs is that they won’t wreak structural havoc on your house, breed during the winter, eat your clothes, infest your pantry, or even bite you. However, they smell absolutely horrid if they’re squashed. Stinkbugs get their name for that specific smell. The best way to get rid of stinkbugs without killing them is the always useful vacuum cleaner. Go around the house and suck those pests up and seal them in a bag prior to disposal.

For help protecting your house this winter from possible pests, call the experts of Bug Masters Commercial Pest Control Co. today at 501.771.4888 to schedule your appointment. We’ll take care of the pests so you can enjoy the rest.