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Bedbug Sightings

Bedbugs can be found all over the country, but recently they have made a noticeable appearance in the northeast. These pests have been spotted in 34 Naval Academy dorms and forced the Midshipmen out of their rooms for 3-4 weeks. Additionally, the epidemic of bedbugs has grown so much that they have been spotted riding the rails of the New York City Subway system. Patrons have noticed bedbugs on trains and have even experienced their bite too. Bedbugs are also an issue when traveling, so make sure to protect yourself when you’re away and when you return home. Here a few tips for preventing bedbugs:

#1 Keep Your House Clean

Bedbugs love to infiltrate a home and hideout in every nook and cranny. Do yourself a favor and get rid of any clutter that they could call home so that they don’t make your bed their next. That means keeping your dirty clothes off of the floor, promptly throwing out the garbage, and not letting food sit out uncovered.

#2 Use Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are a quick and easy means of preventing bedbugs. They block out the bedbugs, but allow for a comfortable nights sleep. 

#3 Don’t Share Your Bedbugs

If your mattress and box springs have been infected, don’t pass them along. Dispose of them in a swift manner and make sure that nobody else uses them.

#4 Regularly Heat Wash and Dry Bedding

Bedbugs tend to hide in the lining of bedding. One of the quickest ways to get rid of them is to wash and dry your bedding on high heat. The reason for this is because bedbugs usually die at 115° F. Also, clean the laundry containers that are used to hold dirty clothes and linens.

#5 When Traveling Use The Luggage Rack

When you’re away from home and staying in a hotel, don’t put your clothing on the floor. This is where bedbugs tend to travel and can infiltrate your clothing and luggage. Keep your luggage on the luggage rack, in the furniture, or on the desk, but certainly not on the floor. 

#6 Vacuum Regulary

Vacuum early and often. This simple trick is known to have great results. Vacuum in corners, down the floor boards, in the furniture, on the bed, in the bed frame, under the bed, and even electrical outlets. After vacuuming, keep the bag sealed and put it in a sealed plastic bag so that the bedbugs can’t escape. 

#7  Call Professionals

Lastly, if the bedbugs are too much to take, call the bug eliminators of Bugmasters at 800.770.4888 or fill out this short form and help will be on the way!!!