Mississippi Commercial Pest Control & Elimination


Bug Masters provides pest control and elimination services to the state of Mississippi. We serve many different industries including the following:


Healthcare is an extremely sensitive industry, and we believe our approach meets its unique demands in the best possible ways. Our response time to emergency situations is unparalleled, and we strive to educate your facility’s staff on good practices of maintenance, sanitation, and stock rotation. Plus, our extensive onsite documentation and trend reporting allows us to upgrade and adjust our services continually in order to satisfy Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards and to keep the use of EPA-registered chemicals to a minimum.


We approach pest control and elimination for hotels of all sizes with team-based dependability. Our specially-trained and experienced pest control professionals know how to address problems all the way from large commercial kitchens to guest rooms with minimal inconvenience. In the event of a report of bedbugs, we immediately send two technicians to evaluate the situation. By using digital imaging, we can better rule out false reports. We also provide quarterly, detailed, bilingual training to housekeeping staff, including the importance of frequent visual inspections for bedbugs during routine cleaning.

Multi-unit Residential Complexes

Since we guarantee total elimination, sometimes our efforts in large residential complexes mean a complete replacement of past pest control efforts. Bug Masters provides pest control and elimination services to all types of residential complexes in Mississippi from large public developments to luxury apartments, all with the same level of expertise and service that surpasses other “pest control” programs.


As with every industry Bug Masters serves, we guarantee total elimination in food service. We offer services to all sizes and types of restaurants, from large kitchens to small eateries, all with our team-based, professional approach.

Food Processing

A clean and pest-free environment is the primary concern of food processors, and Bug Masters provides pest control and elimination services to some of the largest food processors in the United States. We believe that our long-standing reputation with food processors is due to this close oversight and our approach to total pest elimination, including continuing education for our technicians concerning the best pest control and elimination practices for the food processing industry. In addition, we are stringently audited on a regular basis by entities including AIB, Silliker, and SQF. We are also subject to regular inspections by our customers, always meeting or exceeding their standards.

Warehouse Distribution

Like all of the other types of businesses we serve in Mississippi, we operate under strict oversight while serving warehouse distributors. Our aggressive approach and continuous internal and external monitoring means total pest elimination for the warehouse environment.

Subterranean Termite Treatment, Residential Pest Programs

Bug Masters offers pest control and subterranean termite treatment to homes in Mississippi. We strive for an “eco-friendly” approach with residential pest control and elimination programs, and we tailor each program to fit an individual home’s needs. All of our residential pest control and elimination programs are conducted with minimal inconvenience to the homeowner. We will visit your home quarterly, when our professionals will provide extensive outdoor treatment as well as specialized indoor evaluation and treatment as needed.


Just let us know a little about the problem you are experiencing and one of our knowledgable staff members will get back to you with a quote shortly!


I've been working with Matt for over four years now. He has been outstanding from start to finish. If we have an issue he's always available. Levi does our QA checks and has also been great. Without a doubt the best pest control company I've worked with to date!

Matt F

Bug Masters is AWESOME. The Technician, Jordan is OUTSTANDING. He is laid back, professional and very easy going. He is very patient with me being that I am a new manager here at Sherwood Park. You could not ask for a better technician or pest control company.

Apartment Manager

Very professional! Showed up when he said he was, called to check in and get updates. Daniel is by far the best Pest Control person I have ever dealt with. Very knowledgeable and I learned a few things as he answered all of my questions. Its nice having one less worry. Would definitely recommend him and Bug Masters to anyone.

Mike L.

We use Bug Masters where I work and where I live, I'd recommend them to anyone. Matt services my job, and he's wonderful. Joe services my house and he's also wonderful. Joe always contacts us in a timely manner, I really appreciate him.

Brittany P.