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Commercial Pest Control in Arkansas

Bug Masters is a family-owned pest control company that provides commercial pest control & elimination services throughout Arkansas. Our experienced exterminators can tackle all your pest control needs while providing the personal care you deserve. We help eliminate pest and bug infestations quickly so you can take back control of your property as soon as possible.

For three generations, we have built a reputation among home and company owners for providing the best customer service and eliminating pests using the most advanced technology. For quality pest control services in Arkansas, contact the trained professionals at Bug Masters today!

Our Pest Control Services

We offer:

We specialize in providing treatments for food-sensitive properties where there is zero tolerance for pests. Our commercial pest control services include treatments for various industries, including the following:

Pest Control in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Our extensive onsite documentation and trend reporting allows us to upgrade and adjust our pest control services continually in order to satisfy Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards and to keep the use of EPA-registered chemicals to a minimum. We believe these steps are extremely important in a sensitive industry like healthcare. Our exterminators have an unparalleled response time to emergency situations, and we strive to educate your facility’s staff on good practices of maintenance, sanitation, and stock rotation to help prevent pests from returning.

Pest Control for Hotels in Arkansas

Our specially-trained and experienced professionals know how to address pest problems in hotels from large commercial kitchens to guest rooms with minimal inconvenience. In the event of a report of bedbugs, our response protocol includes immediately sending our pest control technicians to evaluate the situation. We use digital imaging, which can aid in determining a false report. We also provide quarterly, detailed, bilingual training to housekeeping staff about the importance of frequent visual inspections for bed bugs during routine cleaning.

Pest Control for Food Processing Plants

Bug Masters provides pest control and elimination to some of the largest food processors in the United States. In addition to regular inspections by our customers, we are audited on a routine basis by stringent entities including AIB, Silliker, and SQF. We believe that our long-standing reputation with food processors is due to this close oversight and our approach to total pest elimination, including continuing education for our technicians concerning the best pest control and elimination practices for the food processing industry.

Pest Control for Arkansas Warehouses

Warehouse and distribution facilities are held to a variety of compliance standards to meet county, state, and federal safety codes. Our aggressive approach and continuous monitoring mean total pest elimination for the warehouse environment, and our services always meet or even exceed our auditors’ guidelines.

Multi-unit & Apartment Pest Control

Your residents are your top priority, and you work hard to make sure they’re comfortable. Large residential complexes can pose a challenge to pest control and elimination, but we guarantee total elimination! Bug Masters serves all types of residential complexes in Arkansas from large public developments to luxury condos and apartments, all with the same level of service and expertise that surpasses other pest control programs.

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You can count on Bug Masters to help get rid of pests and keep them from coming back! Contact us today for professional commercial pest control services in Arkansas.



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I've been working with Matt for over four years now. He has been outstanding from start to finish. If we have an issue he's always available. Levi does our QA checks and has also been great. Without a doubt the best pest control company I've worked with to date!

Matt F

Bug Masters is AWESOME. The Technician, Jordan is OUTSTANDING. He is laid back, professional and very easy going. He is very patient with me being that I am a new manager here at Sherwood Park. You could not ask for a better technician or pest control company.

Apartment Manager

Very professional! Showed up when he said he was, called to check in and get updates. Daniel is by far the best Pest Control person I have ever dealt with. Very knowledgeable and I learned a few things as he answered all of my questions. Its nice having one less worry. Would definitely recommend him and Bug Masters to anyone.

Mike L.

We use Bug Masters where I work and where I live, I'd recommend them to anyone. Matt services my job, and he's wonderful. Joe services my house and he's also wonderful. Joe always contacts us in a timely manner, I really appreciate him.

Brittany P.