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Summer bugs mosquito, ant, fly

Summer Bugs

Bugs of Summer

Have you ever noticed that there is a plethora of different bugs that visit and/or invade your home during specific times of the year? Almost every pesky insect comes with its own set of criteria and variables for habitat. With Summer in Arkansas being so hot and humid, it stands to reason that you’ll experience different bugs than you would in Winter or Autumn. Below are the “Summer bugs” most commonly found in or around your home during the months of June-­August, along with what sorts of risks are involved with each and other useful information.

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Found: Near tall grass, standing water and swampy areas

Health Concerns: Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus and more

General Information: They inject saliva into the source before they bite. The saliva acts as an anticoagulant.

Bug Masters works closely with a service provider that installs timed mist systems to your property. These systems are very effective and allow you to regain the freedom to enjoy your immediate residential surroundings.





Dust Mites

Found: Mattresses, couches, recliners, kids toys, drapes, curtains, carpets and rugs

Health Concerns: This tiny microscopic pest that is responsible for aggravating problems with allergies, emphysema, and asthma.

General Information: They spend 33% of their time sleeping, making them most common in beds. They are also attracted to warm and humid weather. Houses with a humidity level of 65% or higher are at risk.

Bug Masters provides complete heat sterilization to residential environments that is very effective in combatting these very persistent pests.



Ticks Bug Masters



Found: Grasses, Shrubs and other vegetation (including grass)

Health Concerns: Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever, Rlapsing Fever

General Information: Baby tick can be born with pathogens – the smaller the tick the higher chance of being ripe with infectious disease

Bug Masters offers perimeter treatments as well as entire lawn applications to combat these pests that migrate when hot summer sets in.



Bug Masters Black Flies



Found: Streams, rivers, ponds and other bodies of water

Health Concerns: River Blindness, Mansonellosis, Severe swelling/itching

General Information: Unlike mosquitoes they only bite during the day, only females bite, they are attracted to carbon dioxide in your breath

Bug Masters looks at negative air pressure, sanitation practices and other variables when outlining a successful fly program. We would be happy to visit your restaurant, food plant facility or business and make an evaluation on your individualized needs.



Fire Ants Bug Masters


Fire Ants

Found: They are found all over the southern part of the country (Including Arkansas)

Health Concerns: Their stings cause severe skin irritation, blistering and rashes

General Information: They initially bite to grab hold before repeatedly stinging you in a circular motion. DON’T smack them. Best thing to do is run away brushing off as many as you can and seek medical help. Hard to tell apart from any other ants. Best indication is if they are in swarms.


Bug Masters provides fire ant control to large commercial lawns as well as in residential settings. This usually is a service that requires 2-3 treatments per year and is very effective at combatting this very aggressive pest.




Bug Masters Yellow Jacket


Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Yellow Jackets

Found: All over the US. (Holes in lawns, hollow trees and gaps in walls)

Health Concerns: Redness, swelling, itching. Severe reaction could cause throat swelling, nausea and hives

General Information: Unlike bees they are sleek and shiny. Don’t provoke it, just run away QUICKLY; they’ll chase you but not very far. Population is on the rise in every state, possibly due to global warming.


Bug Masters Wasps


Found: Roof spaces, cavity walls via air vents; rockeries, garden sheds; trees and bushes

Health Concerns: A wasp’s sting is caused by the injection of a toxic poison called ‘histamine’, which causes a reaction in our system, by irritation, redness and swelling. In some cases more serious effects can occur, should a severe reaction take place then seek immediate medical advice.

General Information: To kill them on an individual basis could be effective. But the whole nest needs to be destroyed in order to prevent any future occurrences.

 By mid-summer paper wasps of most types have set up house under eaves and around your house. Bug Masters provides residual treatments that are effective against this potentially harmful pest.






Found: Moist, dark and humid areas where pets and other organic materials can be found.

Health Concerns: Severe itching and skin infections. They can also spread diseases such as cat-scratch fever, typhus and plague to people.

General Information: They are wingless insects that have mouthparts for piercing skin and sucking blood. They are considered “external parasites.”

Many resistant strains of fleas are present due to past overuse and misuse of products. Bug Masters provides complete service for this pest in all environments.



Bug Masters Millipede & Centipede


Centipedes & Millipedes

Found: Centipedes are found in a variety of habitats, but prefer dark, moist, protected areas such as under stones, rotted logs, leaves and bark.

Health Concerns: The house centipede is active at night, moving about in search of cockroaches and other insects. Although centipedes rarely bite, are seldom dangerous and are beneficial because they destroy other insects, they can be a pest.

General Information: Millipedes and centipedes do not carry diseases that affect people, animals or plants. Millipedes do occasionally damage seedlings by feeding on stems and leaves.



Stay tuned as the seasons roll through for Autumn, Winter and Spring bug pages…

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