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Pest Control Methods

Springtime Pest Control Methods 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to not only clear out the stuffy messes in your home but to also take steps to protect against some of the worst pests of the year: summer bugs. By following these tips that help thoroughly clean and prepare the inside and outside of your home, you can stop bugs before they ever wreak their yearly havoc.

Outdoor Pest Control

The first line of defense against the bugs getting inside your home is cleaning the outside. Property owners should be aware that bugs that lurk outside can greatly damage the integrity of your home. Here are some simple steps to keep in mind when you break out those gardening gloves during the spring.

Look out for visible signs of insect damage

Pay attention to your landscaping, lawn, deck/patio, or outdoor furniture for small holes and other damage. Carpenter bees like to burrow into dry wood, evidenced by tiny amounts of sawdust accumulating.

Create a barrier around your home

Bugs like to hide out in all manner of shrubs, tree branches, and vines, and they use these as bridges straight into your home. When working on the landscape, try to create a barrier of about 18 to 24 inches from your home, particularly at the foundation. Trim any tree branches that come in contact with your home and try to plant your garden a good distance away.

Use pressure treated wood

Pressure treated wood is treated in order to resist rot and decay which can be home to pest infestations. Using this type of wood in your ward for any garden beds, playscapes, or other outdoor structures can go a long way in stopping infestations before they begin.

Avoid creating areas where standing water may accumulate

Standing water can attract flies, mosquitos, and water bugs. Things like birdbaths should be placed a couple of yards from your home, and be sure to change out the water regularly. When designing your landscaping, pay special mind to where water may flow after a storm and if it pools.

Clear out yard debris

Spring cleaning is a great time to pick up any pine needles, twigs, or other yard debris that can create rotting and water buildup that pests love to hang out by. Don’t just pile it up, but clear it out of your yard with waste bags found at your local hardware store.

Remove any dead, dying, or diseased trees

Look for signs of a dying tree, which include broken limbs, damage to the trunk, dry branches, and dead leaves. Diseased trees and tree stumps are the perfect home for ants and termites. Hire a team to remove trees as it could be dangerous to you, those around you, or your home.

Indoor pest control

Preparing your home is where it perhaps matters most in pest prevention. So when you’re doing your spring cleaning, take these extra steps that will keep critters like spiders, roaches, ants, dust mites, and more to a minimum.

Dust and vacuum regularly

Dusting and then vacuuming after dusting can help prevent hair, dander, and other debris that attracts residential pests. Try to dust vacuum every surface and dust every crevice that you can reach. Move items out of the way and clean so that bugs have nowhere to hide.

Keep the kitchen tidy

The kitchen is a popular place for bugs to infest due to the myriads of smells that attract them. Clear out any crumbs in the cabinet, wipe down your counters regularly, and take out the trash and recycling daily. Make sure that you keep food items in a sealed container when you can. Try to only put out your dog’s food at mealtimes and putting the food and dish away at all other times.

Clean vents and fans

Having a clean ventilation system is good for airflow and helps prevent dust collection that attracts bugs. Thoroughly clean air vents and fans in each room of the house and remember to change your filters regularly.

Look out for dampness

Spring cleaning is a great time to have a thorough look around the house, keeping an eye out for excess moisture that causes mold and mildew. Summer bugs love to hide out in dank areas. Seal any plumbing leaks and try to block any small entrance points that let in moisture and bugs.

Clear out your closets

A closet with lots clutter can be a great hiding place for all kinds of pests. When it is time to pack away all of your puffy winter clothes, put them in a plastic container with cedar inserts to keep the moths away. While you’re at it, take out everything in your closet, clean it if necessary, and put it back in an orderly fashion. You’ll thank yourself later when the winter weather returns.

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